Tigertailz: 1995 - Wazbones

Para no desaparecer de escena (se supone que sabemos lo del Grunge), muchos grupos tuvieron que cambiar su estilo, y Tigertailz no fue una excepción.
Disco con un toque mas duro, se demuestra en la excelente Dirty needles y en la canción Wazbones.
El grupo se estaba separando de a poco, hasta que terminó por separarse.
02-Dirty needles
03-Belly of the beast
05-Love junkie
06-Make me bleed
08-Let your flesh instruct your mind
09-Love can kill
10-In the name of the gun
12-I believe
13-Show me
14-Tyfho (version #1)
15-The final solution

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Ian Sleazer dijo...

Later in 1991 in preparation for the next album “Wazbones” things became very chaotic. The band acquired a local drummer named Andy Skinner to be the newest Tailz member. Tigertailz spent approximately 2 years making the 'original' Wazbones album, (leaving Music for Nations in the process). However, a month before it was due for release the US record company (Amuse America Inc.) had a bust up with the bands manager and they shelved the project. At this stage they had spent approximately $200 thousand dollars on the project..

The album theme was based on the film “A Clockwork Orange” and the band dressed as the characters in the film and posed around New York City. The Tailz eventually got the rights to the Wazbones record back around a year later but by this time Jay had had enough and quit the band.

After he left; the band re-recorded “Wazbones” with a new guitarist, Cy Danaher. So the released version is not the original recordings. Only 5 of these can be found on the Japanese released version, which were the original tracks Jay played on.. Eventually the 'Wazbones' album was released in 1995, almost 5 years after the initial recording, and packaging of the album.

De la pagina de ellos, bastante interesante, este fucking disco es bastante jodido de encontrar y caro!!