Heart: 2012 - Strange euphoria

CD 1
01-Through eyes & glass
02-Magic man [demo]
03-How deep it goes [demo]
04-Crazy on you [demo]
05-Dreamboat Annie (fantasy child) [reprise edit]
06-Love alive
07-Sylvan song
08-Dream of the archer
09-White lightning & wine [live]
10-Barracuda [live from bbc radio]
11-Little queen
12-Kick it out
13-Here song [demo]
14-Heartless [demo]
15-Dog & butterfly [acoustic demo]
16-Straight on
17-Nada one
CD 2
01-Bebe le strange
02-Silver wheels ii
03-Even it up
04-Sweet darlin'
05-City's burning
07-Love mistake
08-Lucky day [demo]
09-Never [live with John Paul Jones]
10-These dreams
11-Nobody home
13-Wait for an answer
14-Unconditional love [demo]
15-High romance [demo]
16-Under the sky [demo]
17-Desire walks on [beach demo version]
CD 3
01-Kiss [by The lovemongers]
02-Sand [live by The lovemongers]
03-Everything [live by Nancy Wilson]
04-She still believes [live]
05-Any woman's blues [demo with The seattle blues revue horns]
06-Strange euphoria
07-Boppy's back [demo]
08-Friend meets friend [live by The lovemongers]
09-Love or madness [live]
10-Skin to skin
11-Fallen ones
13-Lost angel [live]
14-Lirttle problems, little lies [by Ann Wilson]
15-Queen city
16-Hey you
17-Avalon [reprise]

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