Ten: 1998 - Never say goodbye

01-The robe
02-Bright on the blade
03-Wildest dreams
04-The torch
05-Yesterday lies in the flames
06-The rainbow
07-The crusades
08-Don't cry
09-Goodnight saigon
11-You're in my heart [accoustic]
12-The loneliest place in the world
01-Ten fathoms deep
02-Afer the love has gone
03-Stay with me
04-Standing on the edge of time
05-Fly like an eagle
07-The paharao's prelude
08-Wait for you
09-The name of the rose
10-Black moon rising [bonus studio]
11-Venus and mars [bonus studio]
12-If only for a day [bonus studio]
13-Give a piece of you heart [bonus studio]

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Anonymous dijo...

they are 3 songs missing from disc 1 -close your eyes & dream{acoustic}2.turn around{acoustic}from disc 2 -drum solo