Ozzy Osbourne: 2005 - Prince of darkness

CD 1
01-I don't know [live]
02-Mr. Crowley
03-Crazy train
04-Goodbye to romance [live]
05-Suicide solution [live]
06-Over the mountain
07-Flying high again [live]
08-You can't kill rock and roll
09-Diary of a madman
10-Bark at the moon [live]
12-Rock n roll rebel
13-Youre no different
CD 2
01-Ultimate sin [live]
02-Never know why [live]
03-Thank god for the bomb [live]
04-Crazy babies
05-Breakin' all the rules
06-I don't want to change the world [demo]
07-Mama I'm coming home [demo]
08-Desire [demo]
09-No more tears
10-Won't be coming home(s.i.n.) [demo]
11-Perry Mason [live]
12-See you on the other side [demo]
13-Walk on water [demo]
14-Gets me through [live]
15-Bang bang (you're dead)
CD 3
01-Iron man [feat. Therapy]
02-N.i.b. [feat. Primus]
03-Purple haze [feat. Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo and Geezer Butler]
04-Pictures of matchstick men [feat. Type o negative]
05-Shake your head (lets go to bed) [feat. Was not was]
06-Born to be wild [feat. miss Piggy]
07-Nowhere to run (vapor trail) [feat. Crystal method dmx ol dirty bastard and fuzzbubble]
08-Psycho man [feat. Black sabbath]
09-For heavens sake 2000 [feat. Tony Iommi and Wu-tang clan]
10-I ain't no nice guy [feat. Motorhead]
11-Therapy [feat. Infectious grooves]
12-Stayin' alive [feat. Dweezil Zappa]
13-Dog the bounty hunter
CD 4
01-21st century schizoid man
02-Mississippi queen
03-All the young dudes
04-In my life
06-For what its worth
07-Sympathy for the devil
08-Working class hero
09-Good times

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