Poison: 2000 - Crack a smile... and more!

Disco que debió salir en 1994 (en la era Blues Saraceno).
Se postergó por un accidente automovilístico que tuvo Bret Michaels.
01-Best thing you ever had
02-Shut up, make love
03-Baby gets around a bit
04-Cover of the rolling stone
05-Be the one
06-Mr. Smiley
07-Sexual thing
08-Lay your body down
09-No ring, no gets
10-That's the way I like it
11-Tragically unhip
12-Doin' as I seen on my tv
13-One more for the bone
14-Set you free
15-Crack a smile
16-Face the hangman
17-Your mama don't dance [unplugged]
18-Every rose has its thorn [unplugged]
19-Unskinny bop [unplugged]
20-Talk dirty to me [unplugged]

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