Ratt: 1991 - Ratt & roll 81-91 best of

Muy buena compilación que no se olvida de los grandes temas del grupo.
Último disco antes de que el grupo se separara.
01-Tell the world
02-You think you're tough
03-Round and round
04-Wanted man
05-Back for more
06-Lack of communication
07-Lay it down
08-You're in love
09-Slip of the lip
11-Body talk
12-Way cool jr.
13-I want a woman
14-Lovin' you's a dirty job
15-Shame shame shame
16-Givin' yourself away
17-One step away
18-Heads I win, tails you lose
19-Nobody rides for free

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Anonymous dijo...

obrigado de portugal keep rocking!!!!!