Alien: 1997 – Best and rare

Unos años más, en el ’97, sacan su álbum recopilatorio donde, obviamente, encontramos lo mejor de Alien.

CD 1
01-Only one woman
02-Tears don't put out the fire
03-Go easy
04-The air that I breathe
05-Easy livin'
06-Brave new love
07-Touch my fire
08-I've been waiting
09-Feel my love
10-Angel eyes
11-Turn on the radio
12-Hold on move on
13-Don't turn me away
14-A little ain't enough
15-Standin' alone
CD 2
01-Tokyo night
02-Lady of my love
03-We will meet again
05-Stand up and fight
06-Now love
07-Therapy of tears
09-I'll survive
10-In a crazy world like this
11-Somewhere out there
12-How long
13-21st century man
14-Wild, young & free
15-Hot summer nights

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