Guardian: 1999 - Smashes; The best of Guardian [1993-1998]

Disco compilado, que busca encontrar las mejores canciones entre los años 1993 y 1998. O sea, nada muy recomendable.
01-Dr. Jones and the kings of rhythm
02-Shoeshine Johnny
03-The way back home
04-Endless summer
05-C'mon everyone
06-This old man
07-Lead the way
08-Lion's den
09-State of mind
10-Psychedelic runway
12-Coffee can
13-Break me down
14-This old man [t.r.'s this old dub]
15-Bottlerocket [chr mix]
16-Babbie on [acoustic mix]
17-Queen esther [mellow mix]
18-Bottlerocket [dance mix]

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