Guardian: 1994 - Swing, swang, swung

El sonido se vuelve más acústico con ésta entrega.
01-The way home back
02-Endless summer
03-C'mon everyone
04-Like the sun
05-Rich man over the line
06-Your love
07-Don't say that it's over
08-See you in heaven
09-Let the whole world
10-Preacher and the bear
11-Still on my mind
12-Why don't we

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Ronn Roxx dijo...

Can anyone help with the password? I have tried cutting and pasting "" in the password box of the file, but it never works for any of the files!?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

bottle Rocket dijo...

gracias por las musicas de guardian y como desbloqueo lo que me bajo?